Alunze Kingdom
Alunze kingdom

Appears in

Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals







Alunze Kingdom is a location in Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals. It is the third town visited in the game.



Cost: 20 Gold

General StoreEdit

Item Store Weapon Store Armor Store
Item Cost
Potion 8G
Antidote 6G
Hi-Potion 100G
Awake 10G
Shriek 5G
Mystery Pin 30G
Warp 120G
Escape 100G
Boomerang 20G
Weapon Cost
Mace 600G
Long Knife 800G
Short Sword 900G
Armor Cost
Frock 400G
Robe 450G
Cloth Armor 600G
Headband 600G
Cloth Helmet 450G
Hide Shield 400G
Buckler 600G
Mini Shield 800G


Coins Item Store
Coins Cost
1 Coin 10G
10 Coins 100G
50 Coins 500G
100 Coins 1,000G
Item Cost
Flame Charm 400 Coins
Statue 200 Coins
Zap Charm 400 Coins
Rage Knife 1,000 Coins
Seethru Cape 10,000 Coins



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