Spell Used By MP Description
Absorb TSMLA 1 Absorbs MP from foes to refill allies
Drowsy TSMLA 3 Puts foes into a deep sleep
Confuse TSMLA 3 Inflicts "Confusion" Status
Coma TSMLA 4 Inflicts "Sleep" Status
Deflect TMA 5 Freezes Magic
Dread TSMLA 5 Decreases DFP
Spark TSLA 3 Small fireballs hit enemy
Fireball TSLA 6 Fire Magic Attack - Moderate
Firebird TSLA 20 Fire Magic Attack - Severe
Droplet TSMLA 4 Water Magic Attack - Standard
Vortex TSMLA 7 Water Magic Attack - Moderate
Dragon TSMLA 22 Water Magic Attack - Severe
Gale TSMLA 4 Ice Magic Attack - Standard
Blizzard TSMLA 8 Ice Magic Attack - Moderate
Ice Valk TSMLA 22 Ice Magic Attack - Severe
Flash TSMLA 5 Thunder Magic Attack - Standard
Bolt TSMLA 10 Thunder Magic Attack - Moderate
Thunder TSMLA 24 Thunder Magic Attack - Severe
Perish TSML 4 Instant Death (Small Chance)
Destroy TSML 8 Instant Death (Better Chance)

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