Item Purchase Price Target Description
Boomerang 20G All Damage all enemies
Big-Boomer 500G All Stronger PHYSICAL attack
Ex-Boomer 2,000G All Powerful PHYSICAL attack
Dragon Tooth 500G All Stronger PHYSICAL attack
Ice Ball 200G Single Inflicts Cold Damage
Fire Ball 200G Single Inflicts Fire Damage
Sleep Ball 100G Single Puts foes to sleep
Smoke Ball 100G - Escape from Battle!
Terror Ball 1,000G Single Total Annihilation
Freeze Ball 100G Single Inflicts Paralysis
Confuse Ball 100G Single Brain Damages Foes
Statue - All Restores 200HP
Zap Charm - Single Casts "Flash" on foes
Flame Charm - Single Casts "Spark" on foes
Magic Lamp - All Buster Attack

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