Erim as she appeared in Lufia: The Legend Returns

Erim is the Sinistral of Death and the third of the four Sinistrals. She is important to the Sinistrals because she can revive the others after their death.

Erim is much stronger than Gades and Amon, and is frequently depicted as being close in strength to Daos. She tends to rely mostly on magic in battle, with some attacks that can kill instantly. The first game depicted her wielding a trident in one hand, but in Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals she is depicted wielding a sword and a shield. In Lufia: The Legend Returns, she uses a naginata and shield.

Lufia & the Fortress of Doom Edit

Erim firstly appears as the third Sinistral boss battle at Doom Island. She is notable for using strong electricity-based magic, which is an ironic contrast to other Sinistrals' weakness toward thunder. In addition, she's the only Sinistral who doesn't have an elemental weakness. Erim doesn't appear as a boss during the main game.

It is revealed that she was actually Lufia herself, though she was not able to remember her past because she suffered from amnesia. Eventually, the other Sinistrals were able to recover her memory, but she later rebelled against her brothers and defeated them along with the hero and his friends at the cost of permanently losing all of her memories and her ability to use magic.

Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals Edit

Erim appears to Maxim as Iris, a mysterious sorceress who can divine the future. It is upon her suggestion that Maxim seeks out the disaster visiting the world from the red comet and later the Sinistrals. Iris' role is to appear from time to time to offer advice and test Maxim's strength; however, she "disappears" without giving complete instructions and thus never tells the party the full truth.

Late in the game, it is revealed that Erim began Maxim's quest to decide which race was powerful enough to rule the planet. Iris has a tendency to offer too much help to Maxim. He was fated to die after Gades' first death, yet Iris teleported Maxim to Parcelyte instead. Additionally, when the death of Maxim's son Jeros would cement the foundations of the Sinistrals' rule, she betrayed the Sinistral minion Idura by saving Jeros. Finally, when Maxim is trapped in the falling Fortress, Erim appears as Iris and allows access to the Island's Power Stones, which alter the Fortress' path and save Parcelyte when they are destroyed. It is suggested that Erim develops her compassion as a side effect of being Iris.

In the DS version, playing through the game a second time unlocks an alternate ending where Erim sacrifices herself to save Maxim and Selan by fighting Maxim one-on-one to alter the course of the Fortress.

In Battle Statistics Edit

HP 15,000
MP 5,000
ATP 300
DFP 250
EXP 50,000
Gold 50,000
Weaknesses Holy
Drop Nothing
Drop Chances -
Special Attacks Devastation Wave, Dark Fry, Eerie Light

Lufia: The Legend Returns Edit

Erim is actually Seena, one of the main characters and Wain's target of affection. She disguised herself so she could find and train friends strong enough to kill her, as she could no longer bear the existence of being a Sinistral.

Personality Edit

Erim plays a major role in the series, as she usually appears to be the love interest to those of the Maxim bloodline. As long as Erim lives, the other Sinistrals are able to resurrect themselves. At the end of The Legend Returns, Erim's goddess side is destroyed (apparently destroying the Sinistrals for good), but her human side remains, allowing her to live as a human with Wain.

Strangely enough, her alter ego Iris appears in the same game as the final boss of the Ancient Cave. Upon reaching her, she will praise the hero's bravery for coming this far and thus will use the full extent of her powers on Wain and his group. After being defeated, she states that the group could be powerful enough to take on Lord Alekdias (Arek), but quickly dismisses this thought, as she wouldn't believe it herself.


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