Item Purchase Price Description
Green Tea 10G This item appears to have no use
Pear Cider 10G Increases ATP in battle and Restores 8HP
Sour Cider 20G Increases ATP in battle and Restores 10HP
Lime Cider 40G Increases ATP in battle and Restores 15HP
Plum Cider 80G Increases ATP in battle and Restores 20HP
Apple Cider 1,000G Increases ATP in battle and Restores 165HP
Secret Fruit - Evolves Jelze into his Master Form; Reverts Jelze from his Master Form
Breeze Fruit - Evolves Sully into his Master Form; Reverts Gusto from his Master Form
Charm Fruit - Evolves Blaze into his Master Form; Reverts Zeppy from his Master Form
Flame Fruit - Evolves Zeppy into his Master Form; Reverts Blaze from his Master Form
Earth Fruit - Evolves Gusto into his Master Form; Reverts Sully from his Master Form
Dark Fruit - Evolves Flash into her Master Form; Reverts Darbi from his Master Form
Holy Fruit - Evolves Darbi into his Master Form; Reverts Flash from her Master Form
Magic Fruit - Increases the Feeding bar by 8 points when fed to a capsule monster

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