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Guard Daos is fought at the end of Lufia: The Legend Returns as one of the final bosses of the game. It was once again created when Gades, Amon and Daos were combined into one being. Guard Daos has all three Sinistrals' abilities and can therefore also use all of the Spiritual Force attacks that they had previously used against the heroes.


Guard Daos is a dangerous foe and has more HP than any other enemy that has been fought before it. It is almost immune to physical attacks because of its armor, and its double aura ability will increase all of its stats. The only attacks that can really do any damage to it are the ones that can overwhelm DFP, like Stealth Hit and Critical. Wain is the only character who really has to be in the party during the battle. He is the only character who can use the Dual Blade (which is the most effective weapon against Guard Daos), but he should also use the Holy Sword IP as much as he can.

Note that while Mirror was very effective against Guard Daos in Lufia & the Fortress of Doom, it's not that useful in this battle as it doesn't help at all against its Spiritual Force attacks.

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