Helmet DFP Equipable IP Attributes
Agony Helm 80 MGD Flame Return Icon-fire GUT+10
Aqua Helm 85 TSA Aqua Mirror Icon-water AGL+10
Beret 2 TSLA Sluggish
Blue Beret 20 TSLA
Boom Turban 85 TSLA Thunderturn Icon-lightning STR+10
Brill Helm 90 Holy Mirror GUT+10, STR+10, AGL+10
Bronze Helmet 22 MGD Menace
Bunny Ears 10 TSA Swordsplitter
Cap 2
Circlet 50 TSLA MGR+18
Cloche 25 TSLA
Cloth Helmet 4 MLGDA
Crysto Beret 63 TSLA MGR+29
Crysto Helm 64 MGD Weakpoint MGR+29
Eron Hat 49 GD Meltdown
Fury Helmet 22 MGD Menace ATP+8
Fury Ribbon 50 TSA Weakpoint GUT+10
Glass Cap 16 TSLA
Glass Cloche 42 TSLA
Gold Band 54 TSLA Dimwit
Golden Helm 52 MGD Slow
Hairband 6 TS MGR+2
Hairpin 80 TS Dark Mirror MGR+10, INT+10
Headband 9 TS Forgetful MGR+2
Hide Helmet 13 MLGDA
Holy Cap 68 TSLA Vulnerable MGR+23
Ice Hairband 80 TS Ice Mirror Icon-ice MGR+10
Iron Helmet 28 MGD Slow
Jet Helm 9 MLGDA Sluggish AGL+4
Jute Helmet 18 MGD Spellstruck MGR+8
Legend Helm 90 MGD Boomerang
Metal Cloche 40 LA
Old Helmet 85 GD Anger Mirror STR+10
Pearl Helmet 90 M Brilliance
Plate Cap 33 MGD
Plate Helmet 38 MGD
Plati Band 58 TSLA Weaponweak
Plati Helm 58 MGD Vulnerable
Pot 1 TS
Red Beret 15 TSLA Spellstruck
Rock Helmet 39 D Weaponweak
Roomy Helmet 34 GD
Safety Hat 70 L Swordsplitter MGR+5
Shade Hat 46 TSLA
SilverHelmet 43 MGD Slow MGR+4
Silver Hat 47 M Dimwit MGR+10
Stone Helmet 23 GD Weakpoint
Tight Helmet 32 D
Tight Turban 36 TSLA Vulnerable
Turban 31 TSLA Dimwit
Wood Helmet 18 MGD
Zirco Band 74 TSLA Dimwit
Zirco Helmet 76 MGD Slow


T Tia
S Selan
M Maxim
L Lexis
G Guy
D Dekar
A Artea
MGR Magic Resistance
STR Strength
DFP Defense
ATP Attack
INT Intelligence
GUT Guts
AGL Agility
Icon-lightning Thunder
Icon-water Water
Icon-fire Fire
Icon-ice Ice
Icon-holy Zap
Icon-dark Dark
Icon-earth Earth
[G] Strong vs Ghosts
[F] Strong vs Flying Enemies
[I] Strong vs Insects
[D] Strong vs Dragons

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