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Iris is an optional superboss in Lufia: The Legend Returns. She appears on the 200th floor of the Ancient Cave, which the party can access after encountering the Master on the 100th floor and making the appropriate wish. Curiously, her name is displayed as "Iria" rather than "Iris" in battle.

If the party defeats Iris, they will receive the Ancient Text "D-End Flash" (which teaches an IP that reduces one enemy's HP by 50%) and the Rainbow (which prevents random encounters on the world map and in dungeons when equipped).


Iris has two forms and will switch between them throughout the battle. Most of her attacks do holy damage, making Holy Amulets very useful when fighting her.

In her first form, Iris will attack the party with Zap, Reduce, and Noble Blood, which reduces a single character to 1 HP and 0 MP. She will also use Rainbow Attack to silence, poison, and confuse the entire party, and can attack seven times in a row with Divine Weapon.

After using Divine Weapon, Iris will convert to her second form. In this form, she will use Vanish and Final Guardian, which reflects all physical and magical attacks against her back at the attacker. Before converting back to her first form, she will use her Spiritual Force to do massive damage to the entire party.


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