Rock/Jewel DFP Equipable IP Attributes
Bat Rock 2 TSMLGDA Vampire ATP+10, AGL+5
Bee Rock 10 TSMLGDA Immobilize AGL+20
Black Eye 20 TSMLGDA Gloomsplash STR+20, GUT+20, MGR+20, AGL+20
Camu Jewel 0 TSMLGDA Buster Attack ATP+20, MGR+20, INT+20
Cancer Rock 20 TSMLGDA Scissor Slash
Catfish jwl. 0 TSMLGDA Megaquake GUT+20, MGR+20
Eagle Rock 7 TSMLGDA Dive AGL+15, ATP+5
Earth Jewel 20 TSMLGDA Groundshock MGR+20
Evil Jewel 0 TSMLGDA Perish Cursed, ATP+120
Evil Jewel 0 TSMLGDA Gloomy ATP+80
Flame Jewel 0 TSMLGDA Incendiary Icon-fireATP+10, INT+10, MGR+5
Gloom Jewel 0 TSMLGDA Dark Force MGR+50
Gold Eye 30 TSMLGDA Stardust Blow ATP+20, STR+20, MGR+20
Gorgan Rock 50 TSMLGDA Combo Attack STR+20, MGR+20
Gorgon Rock 25 TSMLGDA Ax Attack ATP+25
Hidora Rock 10 TSMLGDA Triple Attack ATP+20, AGL+20, MGR+10
Horse Rock 5 TSMLGDA Frenzy STR+10
Kraken Rock 20 TSMLGDA Ten-Legger ATP+30, MGR+10
Light Jewel 10 TSMLGDA Flash Icon-holy STR+20, INT+20, MGR+20
Lion Fang 12 TSMLGDA Bite STR+15, AGL+10
Magma Rock 30 TSMLGDA Magma Blast STR+20, GUT+10
Mysto Jewel 10 TSMLGDA Ninja ATP+20, AGL+20
Pumkin Jewel 0 TSMLGDA Head Attack INT+10, MGR+20
Samu Jewel 20 TSMLGDA Samurai ATP+20
Silver Eye 10 TSMLGDA Diamond Dust INT+20, MGR+20, AGL+20, GUT+20
Snake Rock 5 TSMLGDA Tail Attack STR+10, GUT+10
Song Rock 10 TS Do-Re-Mi GUT+10
Spido Jewel 0 TSMLGDA Spiderweb GUT+20, ATP+10
Thundo Jewel 5 TSMLGDA Voltage Bolt Icon-lightning ATP+20, STR+10, INT+10
Tidal Jewel 0 TS Tidal Wave GUT+20
Twist Jewel 35 TSMLGDA Twister AGL+30
Uni Jewel 0 TSMLGDA Dash ATP+50
Water Jewel 10 TSMLGDA Frost Icon-water INT+20, GUT+10


T Tia
S Selan
M Maxim
L Lexis
G Guy
D Dekar
A Artea
MGR Magic Resistance
STR Strength
DFP Defense
ATP Attack
INT Intelligence
GUT Guts
AGL Agility
Icon-lightning Thunder
Icon-water Water
Icon-fire Fire
Icon-ice Ice
Icon-holy Zap
Icon-dark Dark
Icon-earth Earth
[G] Strong vs Ghosts
[F] Strong vs Flying Enemies
[I] Strong vs Insects
[D] Strong vs Dragons

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