Weapon ATP Equipable IP Attributes
Crystal Wand 280 TSA Holy Energy Icon-holy
Deadly Rod 0 TSA Cursed
Deadly Rod 110 TSA Devastation
Holy Staff 180 TSA Holy Energy Icon-holy
Long Staff 102 TSA
Mace 30 TSA
Morning Star 172 SA
Pounder Rod 240 TSA
Rod 58 TSA
Silver Rod 320 TSA Celestial
Sleep Rod 100 TSA Sleep Stinger
Spark Staff 350 TSA Phoenix Blow Icon-fire MGR+50, INT+50
Staff 78 TSA
Zirco Flail 390 GD Arctic Freeze
Zirco Rod 360 TSA


T Tia
S Selan
M Maxim
L Lexis
G Guy
D Dekar
A Artea
MGR Magic Resistance
STR Strength
DFP Defense
ATP Attack
INT Intelligence
GUT Guts
AGL Agility
Icon-lightning Thunder
Icon-water Water
Icon-fire Fire
Icon-ice Ice
Icon-holy Zap
Icon-dark Dark
Icon-earth Earth
[G] Strong vs Ghosts
[F] Strong vs Flying Enemies
[I] Strong vs Insects
[D] Strong vs Dragons

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