Shield DFP Equipable IP Attributes
Anger Brace 30 TSMLGDA Battle Lust STR+5, GUT+10
Apron Shield 85 MGD Holy Wall Icon-holy STR+10, MGR+10
Big Shield 37 MGD
Bolt Shield 85 GD Thunderblock Icon-lightning STR+10
Bracelet 14 TS Ironclad
Block Shield 22 TS Ironclad
Bronze Shield 28 MGD Spell Repel
Buckler 8 MGD
Bunnylady 10 TSA Beserker
Chop Board 1 TS
Cryst Shield 80 TS Holy Shield Icon-ice MGR+10
Dark Mirror 150 TSMLGDA Cursed
Dark Mirror 85 TSMLGDA Dark Mist Icon-dark STR+10, INT+10
Fayza Shield 40 TSMLGDA Fleet AGL+5
Flame Shield 80 MGD Flame Block GUT+10
Gauntlet 68 TSMLGDA Power Guard
Gold Gloves 57 TSLA Flame Guard
Gold Shield 58 MGD Flame Guard
Hide Shield 5 MLGDA
Holy Shield 76 MGD Light Guard MGR+15
Kite Shield 20 MGD Fleet
Mage Shield 50 TSMLA Lightbulb INT+10
Mega Shield 90 GD Iron Barrier
Mini Shield 10 STLA Battle Lust
Old Shield 85 DGA Ancient Power AGL+10
Pearl Brace 16 TS Lightbulb INT+10
Pearl Shield 90 M Miracle Care
Plati Gloves 61 TSLA Thunder Guard
Plati Shield 63 MGD Ice Guard
Power Brace 10 TSMLA Spell Repel INT+5
Round Shield 34 MGD
Rune Gloves 72 A Shadow Guard MGR+23
Silvo Shield 42 M Aura Protect MGR+5
Slash Shield 45 TSLA Battle Lust ATP+10
Small Shield 2 TSMLGDA
Spike Shield 44 MGD ATP+15
Tall Shield 40 D Beserker
Tect Buckler 55 TSMLGDA Quick Silver
Tecto Gloves 30 TSLA Lightbulb
Tough Gloves 18 TSMLGDA
Tuff Buckler 48 MGD
Water Gaunt 75 TSLA Water Screen Icon-water MGR+10, AGL+10
Wood Shield 15 MLGDA
Zirco Gloves 80 TSLA Forcefield MGR+14
Zirco Shield 84 MGD Beserker MGR+8


T Tia
S Selan
M Maxim
L Lexis
G Guy
D Dekar
A Artea
MGR Magic Resistance
STR Strength
DFP Defense
ATP Attack
INT Intelligence
GUT Guts
AGL Agility
Icon-lightning Thunder
Icon-water Water
Icon-fire Fire
Icon-ice Ice
Icon-holy Zap
Icon-dark Dark
Icon-earth Earth
[G] Strong vs Ghosts
[F] Strong vs Flying Enemies
[I] Strong vs Insects
[D] Strong vs Dragons

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