Weapon ATP Equipable IP Attributes
Air Whip 400 TS Arctic Freeze Icon-ice MGR+20
Aqua Whip 72 TS Aqua Attack Icon-water DFP+5, MGR+10
Chain 66 TS Dive Bomber
Cutter Whip 132 TS Dive Bomber
Fortune Whip 260 TS DFP+4, AGL+8
Holy Whip 300 TS Celestial Icon-holy
Royal Whip 220 TS Ice Attack
Whip 20 TS Flame Attack
Wire 48 TS Water Attack
Zirco Whip 384 TS Thundershriek


T Tia
S Selan
M Maxim
L Lexis
G Guy
D Dekar
A Artea
MGR Magic Resistance
STR Strength
DFP Defense
ATP Attack
INT Intelligence
GUT Guts
AGL Agility
Icon-lightning Thunder
Icon-water Water
Icon-fire Fire
Icon-ice Ice
Icon-holy Zap
Icon-dark Dark
Icon-earth Earth
[G] Strong vs Ghosts
[F] Strong vs Flying Enemies
[I] Strong vs Insects
[D] Strong vs Dragons

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